The Island Mirror Maze

The Island Mirror Maze.jpg

About The Island Mirror Maze

Left or Right? Right or Left? This way or that way? At over 3,000 square feet, The Island Mirror Maze is one of the country’s largest mirror mazes! Get Lost in the fun as you navigate your way through the labyrinth of infinite illusions, countless reflections, and dazzling dead ends! Test your senses as you experience this mind bending, reality shifting, fun-filled mirror maze!

Mission Impossible meets real life in the Vault Laser Maze Challenge! Jump, crawl, bend, and race your way through the network of lasers to break the record and achieve a top spot on the leaderboards!

Atomic RUSH is the newest innovation on the classic game of Simon Says! Your agility and coordination are challenged as you RUSH for the highest score against your family and friends!