The Island Ropes Course

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About The Island Ropes Course

We have two different courses for you to choose from. One course, called Sky Tykes, is for anyone less than 48”  tall who seeks a challenge, but may prefer to be just a little bit closer to the ground. This course has nine different elements and parents can walk on the ground beside their child for encouragement and help whenever necessary. Just like on the big course, participants are in their harness and attached to a sling line and carabiners, so they are safe and secure at all times.

For adults or children wanting a little bigger challenge, we have our three-story Sky Trail Explorer course. Anyone over 42” tall can tackle the course, but if you are under 48” tall, you will need a taller chaperone to go with you.

We always have a certified employee on the course just in case assistance is needed. With thirty different elements, two zip lines, and one simulated free fall (Quick Jump), participants have many options! There is no time limit and when you are ready to finish either walk back down the stairs or use the Quick Jump. We can’t wait to see you on the course!