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3 Things to Know About the Flower and Food Festival at Dollywood

Imagine yourself in the following scenario: you wake up on a rejuvenating springtime morning, your nostrils overwhelmed with every ounce of fresh air, and your eyes starstruck by hundreds of thousands of multicolored blooming flowers. Ultimately, you would’ve thought that you had just awoken in, perhaps, the most whimsical fairytale known to man. However, rest assured, this small glimpse of springtime beauty is not simply an over-glorified movie wonderland—it’s nestled in the heart of Pigeon Forge’s Dollywood 2020 ‘All-New Flower and Food Festival’ taking place in the radiant months of May 8th to June 14th. Okay, those flowery details all sound fine and dandy, but how do we unpack the essence of Dollywood’s Flower and Food Festival? Before immersing yourself into the festival’s rich strawberry smoothies and landscapes of over 500,000 flowers, consider these top three details about the upcoming event. 

1. Filled to the Brim with Nearly 500,000 Flowers

 Ultimately, it’s clear that the Flower and Food Festival at Dollywood is not simply a walk, talk, and leave occasion. The festival features nearly 500,000 flowers in its landscaping regions, incomparable to any national springtime festival in the United States. The festival’s combination of blossoming plants and its sheer abundance creates a ‘wonderland effect’ for visitors. Whether you’re sauntering along the paved flowerbed paths with your family or sightseeing the hundreds of flowerbeds with friends, your eyes will be awestruck by the transcendent beauty of the flowerbeds blooming colors.

2. A Wide-selection of Springtime Culinary Creations

In addition to simply sightseeing the blossoming flowerbeds and blue skies of the festival, dozens of culinary creations will be featured throughout designated areas of the festival. With an expansive feature of wide-selection culinary creations that take inspiration from spring in the Smokies, your taste buds will be assuredly delighted by the playful and tasty richness of the food.

3. An Umbrella Sky on Showstreet

Perhaps the flower festival’s most unique springtime feature is its vast umbrella sky on Showstreet, displaying hundreds of multi-colored petal parasols suspended above your head. Whether you’re getting your groove on and dancing under the multicolored creation or simply having a chat with smoothies under the patio umbrellas, Showstreet and its umbrella sky will leave you speechless and inspired.

A final review….

Dollywood’s All-New Flower & Food Festival will not only exceed viewers’ expectations, but will permanently transform their understanding of springtime adventures, fun, and entertainment! Whether attendees are immersing themselves in millions of flower petals or drinking rich spring-themed smoothies under the umbrella sky on Showstreet, the festival will create awestriking experiences you never knew existed.

Planning Your Visit to the Flower and Food Festival

Enhance all of your senses this Spring in the Smokies at Dollywood's Flower and Food Festival. This fabulous event is certain to be cheerful, colorful and full of memory making activities. When planning your visit to Dollywood, check out all of our breathtaking cabins near Dollywood for quick and convenient access to the theme park and festival. Our Dollywood cabin rentals features fabulous amenities and all of the comforts of home, ensuring that you and your family have a wonderful time in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.