6 of the Best Escape Games in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Best Escape Games in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Can you evade gangsters, zombies, and moonshiners, while hunting for clues? If using your wits to save the day and get away is your idea of fun, try an escape game! Here are six of the best escape games in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.


1. The Escape Game 

The Escape Game whisks you to Gold Rush California, where you must find a stash of gold before the villains do. Mission: Mars traps you on the red planet with one hour to fix your damaged spaceship and blast off before you’re stranded. Or you can break out of prison, solve an art heist, or become a soldier thwarting an attack

2. Trapped Escape Game 

Think you could outwit prison security? You’ll have the chance in Trapped’s Alcatraz escape room. Or try Capone, where you’re a hostage inside gangster Al Capone’s apartment. In Haunted Cabin, steal the moonshine recipe, but beware the dead moonshiner’s mean ghost. 

3. Gatlin’s Escape Games

With two locations in downtown Gatlinburg, Gatlin’s Escape Games gives you plenty of choices. The Legend of Atlantis is an Indiana Jones-style adventure. In Moonshine Hill Hootenanny, your mission is to blow up a still. Curse of the Kraken’s Eye traps you on a crazy ship for eternity unless you beat the captain’s tricky traps.

4. Smoky Mountain Escape Games

Break into a bank, find the secret vault, and liberate a priceless diamond, all in an hour! Diamond Heist at Smoky Mountain Escape Games is just one option. Mad Scientist lands you in a laboratory where you must prevent powers of evil from stealing a precious cure. In The Haunting, you’re a paranormal investigator deciding whether a house is truly haunted. 

5. Crave Golf Club

This mini-golf and mini bowling center has added two escape rooms! Mayday pits you against the clock as you race to seal the doors on a diving submarine. Inside the Zombie Research Lab, find the cure to a virus that’s creating zombies--before the zombies find you first.

6. The Great Escape Room

Experience escapes with a unique twist: The Great Escape Room features actors playing roles in your escape room adventure! Interact with these characters whose hints might just help you. In one game, you’re in the president’s bunker, trying to stop a nuclear war. In another, you must help Harry Houdini’s widow contact her famous magician husband in the afterlife. 

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