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At Colonial Properties Cabin & Resort Rentals, cabins are sort of our thing. We’ve got cabins in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a trip for the whole family, we’ve got you covered. 

Interested in a larger cabin? If anything on this list sounds appealing to you, then you may be the perfect fit for one of our 2-bedroom Pigeon Forge cabins.

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1. You’ll Feel Right at Home

Our cabins are built to feel cozy. Unlike hotel rooms that look and feel cold and uninviting, our Pigeon Forge cabins are your home away from home. Each cabin is decked out with comfy furniture and decorated to look like a home, not a lobby. 

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2. Perfect for Small Families

A cabin with two rooms lets you travel more easily as a family or small group. No more cramming everyone into one room and missing out on privacy. With a two-room cabin, you’ll be as comfortable as you would be in your own house.

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3. Great locations near Downtown

There’s a lot going on in Pigeon Forge, from go-karts and theme parks to shopping and spas. Our cabins keep you close to the action, so you’re never a long trek away from any of Pigeon Forge’s best attractions. Downtown is just a hop skip and a jump away. The unique layout of Tennessee mountain towns allows you to have peace and quiet in your Pigeon Forge cabin without being hours away from all the fun. 

Fabulous and Fun Amenities.jpg

4. Fabulous and Fun Amenities

Pool tables, hot tubs and more! Our cabins are more than just a place to crash after a day of fun in Pigeon Forge, they’re an attraction in and of themselves! Whether you need high speed internet or a top-notch game of billiards, we’ve got a cabin for you.

The Whole Place is Yours.jpg

5. The Whole Place is Yours!

Don’t worry about being put up with any pesky roommates. There are no neighbors here to keep you awake or bother you. You get the whole cabin to yourself and won’t have to share a wall with anyone!

Relaxing Decks and Great Views.jpg

6. Relaxing Decks and Great Views

The number one reason to come to the Smokies: the gorgeous views. Our Pigeon Forge cabins bring the Smoky Mountains right to your door. Lounging on our cabin decks gives you a world-class view of the Smokies’ majestic forestland and breathtaking mountainscapes. We truly are nestled in the midst of the mountains. 

You can check out our 2-bedroom cabins in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg right here. Got your heart set on a specific view? You can filter our cabin search by whether you prefer a mountain view or a forest view!