7 fun facts about black bears.png

7 Fun and interesting facts about black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains. Learn more about these popular animals and their behavior. 

#1 They're Not Always Black

Black Bears are not necessarily black in color. Here in the Smoky Mountains, our bears are black, but in other parts of the country, they can be brown or cinnamon in color.

#2 They Make a Lot of Noise

Black BearBlack Bears can make up to 20 different sounds. They have aggressive sounds that include growls, woofs, snorts, bellows, and roars. They also have sounds of contentment that include mumbles, squeaks, and pants.

#3 They're Great Climbers

Black Bears can be found in trees. Contrary to belief, bears often climb trees to find refuge from storms and to find sources of food.

#4 They Aways Seem to be Hungry

Black Bears do not eat just meat. Truth is, 85% of a Black Bears diet consists of berries and nuts.

#5 They See in Color

Black Bears have color vision and a keen sense of smell. They are also great swimmers and can run over 30 MPH.

#6 Their Babies are Adorable

Smoky Mountain BearsBlack Bears usually have 1 to 4 cubs during the mother’s winter sleep, which is usually in late January or early February. At birth, the cubs weigh around 8 ounces and will emerge from their dens in late March or early April. They will stay with their mother for about 18 months after they’re born.

#7 They Can Live a Long Time

Black Bears can live over 25 years in the wild and are typically shy and easily frightened.

Smoky Mountain Cabin and Resort RentalsBlack Bears are truly a spectacular sight to see when visiting our Smoky Mountain cabin vacation rentals. While you may encounter one during your visit, their sightings are very rare. If you are fortunate to see a Smoky Mountain black bear, please remember to keep a safe distance and never feed them, or any wildlife in the Smokies. Plan your vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains today!