Anakeesta is Growing.jpg

Anakeesta opened just two short years ago, and while it was a delight back then, it’s really starting to ramp up for 2020. After its initial success, Anakeesta has continued to add attractions, so even if you’ve been there before, there’s still more fun to be had. 

Anakeesta is one of Gatlinburg’s premiere attractions. If you’re looking for things to do while you’re in Tennessee, then the Anakeesta theme park is a must for your family itinerary. In the last year, Anakeesta has made four major additions. 

Anakeesta Observation Tower.jpg

The Best View in the Smokies

Anakeesta has added a 55-foot tall observation tower to give you a grand view of the mountains and an even more spectacular view of the sun as it sets over the Smokies. This tower is set to be the highest point in Gatlinburg once it’s finished. There’s a 360-degree view at the top so you can soak it every angle of Gatlinburg and the surrounding area. 

Anakeesta Smokehouse and Brewery.jpg

The Best Eats in Tennessee

New restaurants and retail opportunities are being added to Anakeesta, as well. After all, it’s not a day in an amusement park unless you get at least one adorable souvenir to take home. And you can hardly be expected to pack a lunch when Anakeesta has some of the finest Southern cuisine on offer!

Anakeesta Tree House Adventures.jpg

A Challenging Tree Course

The park’s beautiful Vista Gardens have been given a facelift, as well. Part of that includes a tree course set to challenge adults and children alike. Climb between whimsical tree houses along safe netted walkways and enjoy swinging and relaxing high above the ground. 

Water-Themed Fun

It gets hot in Tennessee. That’s just a fact. If you visit Anakeesta during the summer, you’ll definitely want a spot where you can cool off, and their new water play area offers just that. And while you’re cooling down, help yourself to the cozy kiosks offering frozen yoghurt and pizza. 

All of these new attractions make Anakeesta a full-day park. You’ll want to stay here from morning ‘til night just to get your fill of everything. All the park’s original attractions like the play areas, ziplines and mountain coaster are still here and just as fun as ever. You’ll find the park full of improved amenities, as well, including improved walkways and more restrooms. 

Yes, Anakeesta is growing again, and by the look of things, they have no plans to stop. Plan your mountain escape to Anakakeesta in a wonderful Gatlinburg cabin rental today!