Doly Parton's Smoky Mountain AdventuresSmoky Mountain Adventures tells a tale of Dolly’s own family history and how pride, deeply rooted in these mountains, divided two great families, the Partons and the Owens. Gathered for the annual family contests to show which family proved the best of the best of these mountain competitions, it was young Avie Lee Owens and Lee Parton who’s inseparable love, devotion and determined spirit helped finally bridge the gap. Adventures and a spectacular old-fashioned Hootenanny feast await as the mountains are filled with high-flying action, music and more!


Arrive Early

Join us before the show and enjoy the spirit of thrills and fun. Inside Bass Mercantile, kids of all ages can get a makeover and become a hearty Mountaineer or a beautiful Mountain Princess! We have snacks, music and more.

Avie Lee’s Sunday Dinner

Every family gathering needs a hearty meal! Dolly’s family members have brought their best dishes for Avie Lee's Sunday Dinner! We have Grandma’s Creamy Vegetable Soup, Dorothy Jo’s Homemade Biscuits, Avie Lee’s Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork Scalded & Cooked over at Grandpa Jake’s, Cabin Taters, Buttery Corn on the Cob picked by Uncle Billy and Aunt Marth’s Southern Peach Pie!

Music, Laughter, Non-stop Excitement!

Dolly Parton, and our resident storyteller AppleJack, tell a story that is filled with music, laughter, thrilling specialty acts, family-contests, romance and edge-of-your-seat special effects.  This riveting, high energy production is a non-stop and exciting journey taking us back in time to when, Avie Lee Owens and Lee Parton, Dolly’s own parents, first met.  However, it was not before a bit of competition between the Partons and Owens in the Great Smoky Mountain Family Contests nearly kept these two apart forever. Will love prevail in these Smoky Mountains or will these two families remain separated by pride and the family rivalry?