Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference in Gatlinburg.jpg

We guarantee our Gatlinburg cabins to be 100-percent Bigfoot-proof. If you’re secretly a little saddened by that news, don’t worry, because just across town in the Gatlinburg Convention Center is the Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference. 

Here’s where you’re sure to satisfy that Sasquatch itch, whether you come looking for serious cryptozoological panels or just to see what all the fuss is about.

Meet the Experts

The conference draws in a long list of speakers and presenters, including Bigfoot legend Bob Gimlin. In fact, here’s a good litmus test for you: if you know who Bob Gimlin is, then you definitely need to score a ticket to this event to hear him recount his adventures first hand.

If you’ve never heard of Bob Gimlin and you’re interested in cryptozoology, then you need to look him up right away. He’s considered the biggest name around in Bigfoot circles thanks to a video he took all the way back in 1967, which provides some of the most well-known evidence to date of Bigfoot’s alleged existence. 

You can see the full list of speakers here. This list is updated frequently as they add more people to the conference. 

All the Gear You Need to Catch Sasquatch

If you’re an avid Bigfoot enthusiast (or perhaps just someone who enjoys the occasional hike) you’ll find lots of great gear at the Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, as well. Vendor booths offer all manner of cryptozoology merchandise as well as hiking, camping, and general outdoor gear. 

You can even run a booth yourself, if that’s your thing!

A Popular Gatlinburg gathering

Gatlinburg’s Bigfoot conference may be a new event, but that hasn’t stopped it from selling out in the past and selling out fast! So if this is one that you’re interested in, be sure to snatch up your tickets right away before they become more elusive than Bigfoot himself. Some events like outdoor hikes and the VIP dinner are in especially high demand.  

There’s a Facebook page, as well, if you want to check out photos, videos and other highlights from last year and also keep up on news about this summer’s conference. The date is July 25, so mark your calendars! This is your chance to find the answers you’ve been searching for. What is Bigfoot? How many people have managed to capture photo or video evidence? Could it all just be a hoax? And most importantly: Why do all Bigfoot experts wear the exact same cowboy hat?