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Who doesn’t love a freshly made, soft and delectable, donut? If you are in search of a mind-blowing donut, we have you covered!

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The Donut Friar

Located in the Village Shops in Downtown Gatlinburg, The Donut Friar has been serving up made from scratch delectable donuts since 1969. One of the most notable features of this shop is the amazing aroma that seems to lure you into the shop. Each donut is hand made to perfection before 5:00AM each morning, leaving a lingering aroma that will pull you under faster than an undertow would. Ranging anywhere from $0.97 to $1.50, each donut will absolutely delight your inner cravings and donut desires! The Donut Friar also features a comprehensive coffee bar, complete with Espresso, Lattes and much more. To keep costs as low as possible, they only accept cash. Be sure to bring your change along to enjoy a treat! This is your one stop destination for a kick start to your morning adventures.

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Courthouse Donuts

Located Downtown Sevierville, across from the the courthouse, sits Courthouse Donuts. This establishment serves up one of a kind donuts in a really fun and exciting way! Using their famous secret recipe, each donut is freshly fried up to order every day. After you have watched your own donut turn a beautiful golden brown, you will choose from your choice of glaze. Once you have settled on a glaze, you will choose a topping. Some examples of toppings they use are Butterfinger, Cereal, M&M’s, Marshmallows, coconut and so very much more! Once you have decided upon a glaze, and a topping, it is time to decide whether you want a custom flavored drizzle or not! Some drizzles you can choose from are caramel, marshmallow cream, chocolate and much more. You will not find a more unique or deliciously hand-crafted donut anywhere else! Be sure to try one of their many sandwiches and salads, but you absolutely must try their famous Donut Bread Pudding! If it is a fun, yet delectable, donut experience you are craving, Courthouse Donuts has you covered!