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Are you a lover of the arts? If so, take a trip to Gatlinburg and visit their 8 mile loop dedicated to unique arts and crafts. As you stroll through this loop located in the Glades Road area, you will find free parking at many of the shops along the way. You can also catch the Yellow Trolley from downtown Gatlinburg which brings you right through the Arts and Crafts community. This 8 mile loop is designated as a Tennessee Heritage Arts and Crafts trail.

In the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts community, you will find quite an assortment of hand crafted and customized items. You will find hand carved wooden crafts, hand crafted pottery, custom sewn and crafted quilts, oil paintings, hand blown glass, custom made leather clothing and accessories, hand crafted brooms, custom jewelry, custom made knives and so much more!

Watch craftsmen make Dulcimers by hand and put your stringed instrument skills to the test! Dulcimers are fretted string instruments that typically have 3 to 4 strings. They are most commonly found in the Appalachians, and are custom made right here in the Arts and Crafts community!

Sit back and watch each craftsman master the art of their craft daily. You’ll be amazed at how seamlessly they complete each custom piece right in front of your eyes! While visiting the Arts and Crafts Community, take a stroll through some candy shops that will certainly take you back to your early childhood. Nothing says childhood memories better than watching fudge and candy being made from scratch - it puts you in the mind of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as children search frantically for that golden ticket. While you may not find your golden ticket, you will find some incredible candy that will soothe your soul!

The Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community also has many locally owned and operated restaurants throughout the 8 mile loop. Each serving up a unique and delicious meal that will certainly fulfill even the heartiest of appetites!

There is so much to experience in the Arts & Crafts community. It would be impossible to touch base on all of the incredible activities this area has to offer, but you will certainly not regret your visit!

Map of the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community

Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community.jpg