Gatlinburg Celebrates 75th Anniversary in 2020.jpg

Gatlinburg has a birthday coming up. The 75th anniversary of this quaint little mountain town’s incorporation is coming up, and Gatlinburg is celebrating for the whole of 2020!

Gatlinburg has grown a lot over the years. It’s increased in size, and more people call Gatlinburg home now than ever before. Theme Parks have opened, trails have been blazed, and more delicious pancakes have been made than you can possibly imagine. 

But what hasn’t changed about Gatlinburg during all this time is its quiet nature. This isn’t just a mountain town, it’s a mountain home, and Gatlinburg remains as welcoming and beautiful today as it was in 1945.

To see videos and pictures chronicling the town’s astounding longevity, or to download its vacation guide, go to Gatlinburg’s 75th anniversary website.

Planning a visit: what makes Gatlinburg special

What makes Gatlinburg so special that it’s survived and grown for so long? Generations of honest people have lived here and even more have stopped by for a visit. Some people come for the great food, others to see the Smoky Mountains in all their glory. 

Visiting Gatlinburg can be like stepping back in time for a little while. Here there are Village Shops instead of shopping malls and mills that make wine with apples instead of grapes. In Gatlinburg you can taste test apple cider and zipline through the Smokies.

A 75th anniversary is a pretty big deal for any town. It’s a marker that something’s been going right for a long time. It’s a sign that the people and places are resilient and adaptable. As the times change, so too does Gatlinburg, but it aims never to lose its heart along the way.

Gatlinburg is fun, family-friendly and welcoming. There are sights to see and things to do for all ages, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fast-paced family vacation. That’s why people have called Gatlinburg America’s premiere mountain town for 75 years now, and likely will for another 75 years more. 

Or maybe Gatlinburg’s appeal can’t even be put into words. Come visit Gatlinburg during their 75th birthday celebrations and see for yourself just what all the fuss is about.