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Diners are an American classic. These unique restaurants offer something that other eateries just can’t. Part of it might be the aesthetic appeal of sitting in quaint booths or atop teetering bar stools, and some of it may be the nostalgic comfort food you find behind the counter. Whatever the reason for your love of diners, you’ll be well taken care of in Pigeon Forge, because they’ve got some of the best diners around.

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Sunliner Diner

The Sunliner Diner is all chrome and old cars. More than just a tribute to the Ford Sunliner, this Diner has all the best breakfast, dinners and desserts that you remember. With a fun atmosphere, a kid-friendly menu and authentic milkshakes made with real ice cream, you’re sure to leave here satisfied. 

If you’re completely sold on the Sunliner Diner in Pigeon Forge, there’s another location in Gulf Shores, so remember them the next time you’re in Alabama.

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Mel’s Diner

Mel’s Diner is also a 50’s-themed diner (don’t all the best diners harken back to the 50’s?) but with more of a racetrack bent. Here you’ll find banana splits the size of your head as well as delicious fries and some of the heartiest burgers you’ve ever eaten. Seriously, there’s no shame in sharing one of these burgers with a friend!

And in case you wanted something to remember the diner by long after your food is done, you can go home with a limited-edition t-shirt.

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The 50’s Diner

Snuggled up in the Antique Mall is The 50’s Diner. The 1950’s might be the decade we associate most with the classic American diner. So if you’re looking to step back in time for a meal or two, here’s your very own time portal. Get ready for convertible cars, chromatic colors and lots of traditional American food. 

Old-fashioned baskets of fries, giant burgers and red-topped bar stools. With all the atmosphere, you might find yourself half-expecting a gang of greasers to walk in and start singing. 

If you’re having trouble picking between these three great diners, remember that there’s no rule stopping you from hitting up all three. And since they all serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can even do so in a single day! Plan your Smoky Mountain getaway in a beautiful Pigeon Forge cabin today to enjoy all of the great restaurants, attractions, shopping and destination in Tennessee.