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Are you an animal lover that enjoys taking strolls through beautiful gardens? If so, Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is the perfect place for you to visit!

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Located just behind Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Parrot Mountain offers a variety of stunning gardens to stroll through, with birds from all over the world! Many of these birds have been surrendered, widowed or rescued from previous owners. Take a stroll through the Garden of Eden, featuring lots of amazing birds and scriptures from the bible located on plaques all throughout the mountain. The amazing scenery here alone is breathtaking. View Toucans, Crows, Scarlet and Military Macaws along the way. Then take a detour through the Secret Garden, featuring beautiful birds that are flying freely around in a beautiful screened in garden that leads to the Bird Garden. Be sure to visit the Bird Garden. The Bird Garden features over 50 birds on perches that you can feed, touch, and hold. Many of them are huge snuggle bugs too! They have a smaller bird section in the Bird Garden for younger children to enjoy, and also have large birds such as Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos and more for you to spend quality time with. After you have visited with the birds in the Bird Garden, be sure to get a souvenir picture of yourself covered in beautiful parrots!

Next take a stroll continuing through the garden, to the Lori Aviary. Here, you walk in with a cup of nectar, and are greeted by more than 20 Lorikeets that will happily use you as a perch for them to enjoy their Nectar!

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As you continue on your journey, stopping to view each bird exhibit along the way, be sure to make a pit stop in the Bird Nursery! Here, you will be able to watch beautiful baby birds being hand fed, and hand raised. You will be able to hold, snuggle and love on all of these beautiful babies here! If you find a bird that you just happen to fall in love with, you are in the right place. Parrot Mountain’s Bird Nursery offers hand raised Parrots, Cockatoos, Parrotlets, Conures and more for sale. This will include a cage, care instructions, and even shipping if needed! These birds are a lifetime commitment; however, it is one you will never regret making. All proceeds go towards the care, vet expenses and well being of all birds housed at Parrot Mountain!

If you can drag yourself away from these cuddly baby birds, be sure to visit the gift shop and deli for an evening meal or a souvenir to help you remember your amazing time at Parrot Mountain!

The Parrot Mountain attraction is open from March through November every year and is a very reasonably priced attraction in the Smoky Mountains. Be sure to pay them a visit on your next trip to the Smoky Mountains!

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