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Pigeon Forge is nothing if not homely and sincere. This wholesome mentality is baked into the very fabric of the town. You’ll see it in the parks, experience it in the shops and of course, taste it in the restaurants. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is home to some of the best family style restaurants around. 

These restaurants are casual and family-friendly. Go out for some delicious food served a la carte or on family-style platters. 

The Old Mill Restaurant.jpg

1. The Old Mill Restaurant

The Old Mill is located right on the waterfront of the Little Pigeon River. In case you’re wondering about the name, there is, in fact, an old mill here. Two hundred years-old, actually. There’s a gorgeous view to soak in here and a lot of really homey food. We’re talking old-fashioned cornbread (the flat kind!), chicken fried steak, The Old Mill’s signature corn chowder and more hot coffee than you can drink. 

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen.jpg

2. Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is so family-friendly that they put it in the name. Bring your family to meet Paula’s (or her old family recipes, at least). Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen seats over 300 people, so bring the whole family (and the extended family, too!). You’re sure to be in good company. There’s a shop connected to this restaurant, too, so you can stock up on everything Paula Deen before you go home. 

Mama's Farmhouse.jpg

3. Mama’s Farmhouse

You’ll really be passing the plates around at Mama’s Farmhouse. Everything comes out family style here, and there’s plenty to go around. Mama’s Farmhouse serves all the Southern classics you’ve come to expect. Sip on lemon-flavored iced tea and indulge in their award-winning biscuits. They even have special reservation options for large family reunions or weddings. 

Huck Finn's Catfish.jpg

4. Huck Finn’s Catfish

Between all you-can-eat catfish and chicken dinners, there’s enough food here to feed a small army. Huck Finn’s Catfish serves certified, U.S.-bred catfish as their signature dish, but you’ll find plenty of other good Southern eats here, as well. And no matter which dinner you choose, you’ll be getting in on their All You Can Eat Vittles deal, where the coleslaw, french fries and hushpuppies never stop coming.