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The pace of life often keeps us from noticing life’s minutiae. The color of the leaves, a squirrel teasing us playfully, or a beautiful sight of fog tumbling down the mountain can be lost when we’re so tethered to work, our screens, or the general tug-and-pull of daily life.

A vacation can help recharge our exhausted batteries, but sometimes, we need something with a higher dose of relaxation – combine with an option of entering into the fray of excitement. Pigeon Forge, tucked amongst the Great Smoky Mountains, offers a unique balance of soothing mountain nature and an amusement-packed town to liven up the party.

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Pigeon Forge Cabins Offer Relaxation

Apart from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant little town, the rest and relaxation elements the outskirts of Pigeon Forge offers are unparalleled. Each morning, you’ll wake up surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains flooded with crisp mountain air in a warm cabin rental. In the kitchen, coffee is bubbling and embers of last night’s fireplace are still giving off heat. The birds are singing loudly, easing you out of bed, but you don’t have to move yet because you’re here to simply… be. When you finally open the wood door of your cabin, the air smells cleaner than any place you’ve ever been. You can either head to town to search for amusement, or ease open a book on the porch while you catch up on your daily dose of sunshine. Whatever you decide to do during your Pigeon Forge escape is up to you, but it’s guaranteed to be bookended by relaxing mornings.

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Great Restaurants in Pigeon Forge

Burgers, breakfast, and steaks, oh my… if wandering travelers came to Pigeon Forge simply to experience homestyle cuisine of the South, they’d leave happy and full. The Old Mill restaurant, a tribute to the pioneer days of the Great Smoky Mountains, greets your table with mini muffins and their specialty sourwood honey and are highly sought after for their made-from-scratch pies and fritters. The Alamo Steakhouse features Angus steaks cooked over oak, and the Pigeon Forge Deli isn’t to be missed for a hearty lunch that’ll take your taste buds for a wild ride.

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There's So Much to Do in Pigeon Forge

When you break away from the mountain quiet and head to the town, you’ll discover the reason Pigeon Forge is a popular hideout for 11 million visitors a year. Amidst the fresh mountain air and tranquil town are hundreds of attractions made for families, couples, and solo travelers looking for exciting experiences.

Take a drive down the main parkway and fill your senses with museums and theatres, like the Hollywood Wax Museum, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, or the Titanic Museum, where you’ll receive a real boarding pass onto the unsinkable ship. A bit farther on and you’ll find the Dollywood Theme Park, the prized theme park of the South, complete with water attractions, coasters, and live performances. Begin your afternoon with laser tag, indoor skydiving, a dinner theatre, or a comedy show, and cap off your night with the melodic strums of dance-worthy bluegrass.