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Will I See a Bear at My Cabin in Gatlinburg?

Most first timers to Gatlinburg are eager to know what wilderness awaits them. Specifically, many people ask us the likelihood of encountering bears during their stay. Despite what you may see in movies or cartoons, bears do not typically wander up to cabins out of curiosity. While bears are inquisitive creatures, they avoid getting into situations that might be dangerous to them, unless they are certain that they can score food. Even so, these unexpected guests are not totally unheard of, so you should still be careful. Here are several precautions you can to ensure that any encounters you have with bears are safe ones.

Bears of the Great Smoky Mountains

Approximately 1,500 black bears call the Great Smoky Mountains National Park their home. However, you probably will not see them frolicking about without a care in the world. If you do encounter a bear, remember to respect its space; this is its home, after all. Here are some things to keep in mind about bears, should you happen to come across one:

  • Black bears are most active in the early morning or late evening hours during the warm months; therefore, it’s ideal to schedule most outdoor activities for the middle part of the day.
  • Black bears have a terrific sense of smell. To avoid accidentally luring them to your cabin or vehicle, do not keep food items outside of the cabin, even if they’re in a cooler.
  • In the rare instance that you see a black bear, back away and get your party into the cabin. If you’re approached, shout and make as much noise as possible. Black bears are naturally curious, but often run away when they’ve been startled.
  • Stay on designated hiking trails and if you’re trying to catch photos of black bears, stay a safe distance away.
Don’t Feed the Bears

Encountering black bears near your cabin is not likely to happen, but it isn’t unheard of to see them wandering around the woods or during a hike. For both your safety and theirs, do not attempt to feed bears human food. Avoid approaching them too closely, and you should have no problem coexisting with them.

Again, do not leave food or food containers around your cabin and be sure to throw all trash in animal-resistant receptacles. With a couple of simple measures, you can ensure that your stay in a Gatlinburg cabin will be as safe as it is enjoyable.