Owner Testimonials

What Our Cabin Partners Have to Say....

We switched to Colonial Properties in the Spring of 2013.  Our previous rental management company's performance was not meeting our expectations. Once Colonial took over we began to see the results we expected.  The occupancy rate increased with the marketing of Colonial Properties and at the same time the average daily rental rate charged increased from that of our previous rental management company.  We certainly feel that Colonial is doing their part to keep our property rented profitably. Colonial has done an excellent job communicating with us and kept us aware of any issues with our cabin that deal with local ordinances such as the new requirement to have fire extinguishers visible on each level of the cabin and to have a local phone line.  They informed us with adequate time to comply and even offered the names of companies who could supply the monitoring for the fire extinguishers.  In addition they have suggested things we could do that would make the cabin more attractive to renters such as having us decorate the cabin for Christmas.  When renters had a problem with the cabin their maintenance people have always responded quickly and solved problems at a reasonable cost to us and without us having to travel to the cabin to make any repairs. We are certainly aware of all the horror stories that owners talk about concerning the problems they have had with their rental management companies.  We know that as owners, we supply the capital for the property and we pay the expenses to maintain the cabin.  It is good to have a company like Colonial Properties managing the rental of our property who gives us a warm feeling that they care about our cabin as we do and are interested in doing what it takes to keep it rented. - R & C Koozer

We are owners of 3 cabins in Gatlinburg that are managed by Colonial Properties in Pigeon Forge, Tn. After experiencing what can only be described as “disastrous results” with another cabin rental company, we moved our cabins to Colonial Properties cabin rental program. Our cabins have seen a steady increase in rentals and income over the last year. We keep guest books in our cabins and written testimonials from our guests reflect Colonial’s attention to their enjoyment and every need during their stay, and many guests have mentioned how nice and helpful the staff is. We couldn’t be more pleased with Colonial, and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a cabin rental company to represent their property. - W Cranford

Partnering with Colonial Properties was something we should have done the minute we purchased our Gatlinburg cabin. We chose to stay with the management company the previous owners had been using and boy, that was a mistake. Since switching to the Colonial program, we couldn't be happier. The Colonial Team stays in constant contact with us about anything and everything and they do a fabulous job of keeping our property rented and looking its best. We couldn't be more pleased with their level of professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond what we ask of them. If you're looking for a management company that truly calls, go see the fine people at Colonial Properties. - J & L Morris

We've had our cabin with Colonial since 2007, right about the time that the tough economic times hit everyone really hard. We were afraid that the economy would cause us to be unable to pay for our dream cabin in Pigeon Forge. We were pleasantly surprised that with each and every month, Colonial kept their promise and kept it rented, so that we could continue to share our Smoky Mountain memories with our kids and grandkids. We love working with everyone at Colonial Properties and know you will too! Thanks for always caring for us and our cabin. - P & D Biggers