Dynamic Pricing

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Price Your Cabin Right Every Night

Dynamic pricing allows us to closely monitor changes in the market (like local events, weather, travel demand and local occupancy) so that we price your cabin to earn you the most money every single night of the year. 

Why is dynamic pricing is so important?

Many people make serious mistakes when pricing their cabin rental. If you price your cabin too high, potential guests will move onto the next listing, and you’ll lose bookings. If your price is too low, you will miss out on revenue. 

The truth is, the best price for your cabin is always changing. We pay close attention to the entire market so that your cabin is priced right every night. 

Colonial Properties’ dynamic pricing brings you results! 

We do our homework daily, minute-by-minute to earn you more money! To create the perfect price for your cabin, we collect and process tons of data and market research: 

  • We look at the rates and availability of the closest 200+ comparable cabin rentals. 
  • The current trends of booking sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, etc. 
  • Important factors like local events, conventions, seasons, weather, days of the week, length of stay, number of booked nights in the area and more! 
  • After we gather all of this data, we crunch the numbers using our powerful algorithms to determine the ideal price of your cabin each night. 

+30% Average Revenue Increase

Our cabin owners see a revenue increase of up to 40% compared to those who self-manage, use another company or do not use dynamic pricing. 

240+ Unique Rates for Your Cabin

We make sure that your cabin rental competes in the ever-changing market by offering over 240 unique rates each year. 

365 Price Updates Per Year

Each and every day, we update your cabin listing across all booking channels with the ideal rate to earn you the most revenue. 

Your Personal Pricing Strategy 

Your cabin rental is unique. Your rate should reflect that. 

If your cabin has special features, you can and should earn more revenue. That is why we manage the rate of each and every cabin individually. 

We create a unique revenue profile for your cabin and calculate the rate for your cabin to earn you every last dollar you deserve. 

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