How We Use Social Media to Market Your Cabin Rental

How We Use Social Media to Market Your Cabin Rental.jpg

Travelers depend on social media when planning vacations. Let Colonial Properties Cabin & Resort Rentals promote your cabin across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with professional, attention-grabbing pictures and content.

When we post about your cabin, you’re getting views from people who are already strongly inclined to book their vacations using social media. In a 2018 study, Facebook found that:

  • ·         76 percent of leisure travelers use Facebook for travel-related activities
  • ·         76 percent of leisure travelers use Instagram for travel-related activities
  • ·         64 percent of travelers find their accommodations online

What We Do for You

Social media sites are essential to promoting your cabin. But posting fresh, updated, locally relevant content across different sites takes time and energy. You don’t have to do it yourself—let Colonial Properties do it for you. Our social media strategy includes the following:

  • Post frequently to keep drawing eyes to new content.
  • Provide top-notch photos showing off interiors and exteriors, plus photos of the specific views guests will see from your cabin. We’re also increasingly creating videos spotlighting cabins with virtual “tours” inside and out. 
  • Maintain an updated list of each cabin’s unique amenities, so vacationers know every detail of what a property offers.
  • Provide plenty of constantly updated local tourism content, including our own original blogs about tourist attractions, outdoor activities, holiday events, restaurants, history, wedding planning, the national park, and much more.
  • Respond to questions and comments posted by social media users about your cabin.
  • Link directly to booking information on our website, so social media users go from seeing your cabin to reserving it in just a few clicks.

Our Social Media Platforms

We’ll market your cabin across four social media sites (plus our own website).

More than 414,000 people follow us on Facebook, where the focus is on connecting users with their ideal cabin. We’ll post multiple photos of your cabin plus a write-up aimed at enticing users to take a closer look. 

Photo-loving Instagram, where we have 41,000 followers currently, also shows all our cabins and images include amenities like game rooms, theaters, hot tubs, pools and decks.

Our Pinterest and Twitter accounts link visitors to our cabins but focus on the fantastic tourist attractions in the Smokies. On Pinterest we draw nearly 278,000 monthly viewers. Across all social media, our travel blogs always remind readers about the advantages of staying in a rental cabin. Let us tell the world about your cabin rental on social media starting today.