Keyless Entry for Cabin Rentals

Keyless Entry for Cabin Rentals.jpg

Welcome to the newest way to monitor entry into your cabin rental. 

Colonial Properties Cabin and Resort Rentals is excited to offer vacation rental automation specifically designed to monitor and oversee all access into your cabin. 

For years, the local rental market has relied upon outdated technology using key codes and code boxes that rarely or ever change their entry codes. With this antiquated technology there has been no way to monitor guest entry, maintenance, housekeeping and vendors. 

For us at Colonial Properties Cabin and Resort Rentals that has all changed. 

Using the latest available resources and technology, each guest staying with Colonial Properties Cabin and Resort will be supplied a unique entry code that automatically expires on their check-out date. The next arriving guest will then be supplied their very own unique key code and so on. Therefore, no guest will ever have access to your cabin for a period longer than their arrival and departure date. 

In addition to guest entry, the smart lock technology allows us to remotely control the lock settings and even allow us to unlock the cabin for the guest should they become locked out of the rental regardless of the time of day.  

Housekeeping, maintenance and vendor staff have their own unique entry pin codes. This pin is used upon their arrival and time-stamps their entry and exit. This gives us direct insight of their arrival date, time and departure from the cabin ensuring better and more efficient service.

In the event that a guest, housekeeper, maintenance personnel or a vendor forgets to lock the cabin for an extended duration of the time, the lock will automatically relock the cabin, giving you added peace of mind under any circumstance. 

If you would like to learn more about our cabin monitoring system and how we can enhance your vacation rental experience, please contact us today at 1-800-371-0341.