Comedy Barn

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Ever heard the expression, “Good, clean fun”? The Comedy Barn is exactly that. You don’t have to fret about whether the jokes will make you want to cover your kids’ ears or blush in front of your parents! Here, a hilarious variety show for all ages truly means all ages, from your preschoolers right up to the grandparents. Even teens are sure to crack a smile! At The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Meet side-splitting country characters with gags and stories guaranteed to delight. Jugglers defy gravity and dazzle you as they send everything from knives to bowling balls sailing in the air. Merry magicians amaze with sleight of hand, while ventriloquists will have you looking around to see where those silly voices are coming from.


Animals are a big favorite here. You might see comical canines dancing, walking tightropes, shimmying with hula hoops, and causing mischief. The colorful parrots aren’t featherbrains--these clever, clawed performers show off their skills. And if you think no one can train a cat, just wait until The Comedy Barn’s feline friends prove you wrong!


No show in Pigeon Forge is complete without great Tennessee music. The Comedy Barn will have you tapping your toes to country and bluegrass played by a live band. You’ll want to sing along to familiar tunes and clap for the dancers who liven up every show.

You might just end up on stage! Be ready to raise a hand if you want to come on down and participate up close. Even kids can get in on the act. You can take all the photos you want, too, so keep your camera handy.


Young kids (and some grown-ups) don’t always want to stay up too late, so The Comedy Barn folks have a 5:00 p.m. show that’s ideal for them, plus an 8:00 p.m. show--you’ll have plenty of choices. Finding the theater is easy, too. It’s on Pigeon Forge’s Parkway, the main road through the heart of town.

The Comedy Barn has made Pigeon Forge visitors giggle and guffaw for 25 years, so they know how to put on a show.