Mysterious Mansion

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Gatlinburg’s Mysterious Mansion promises frightful fun as you creep through its rickety rooms. Lovers of haunted houses won’t be disappointed here. This old Victorian house might look charming from the road, but don’t be fooled--horrors lurk inside, and they’re waiting to shock your senses!

Day or night, walk at your own pace (if you’re not frozen with fear) through the mansion’s three stories of spine-tingling scares. Terrifying characters could appear next to you at any second. As you make your way through the house, hunt for hidden passageways--will they help you escape or will they reveal more frights?


Look behind you! Watch out for the creepy residents of this murky mansion. Don’t like clowns? Dread the zombie apocalypse? Wail at weird, witchy figures? You’ll find plenty to fear here. Wander twisty staircases and chilling corridors, never knowing what might pop out. The Mansion keeps the dreaded details secret, so we can’t reveal more!

For 40 years, the Mysterious Mansion has made visitors to Gatlinburg quake, so the folks here are experts at showing you a ghoulishly good time. And they promise, in case you’re worried, that while the chilling characters will scare you, they won’t ever touch you.


In summer, the mansion is open seven days a week until 11 p.m. At other times of the year, opening days and hours change. Be sure to check their website for opening times so you don’t miss the fearful fun. Halloween is every ghost’s favorite holiday, so the Mysterious Mansion offers more intense shows on weekends in October for guests who truly relish having their blood curdled. You’ve been warned!

Admission is $16 for teens and adults and $11 for kids. It’s up to parents whether kids enter, but be aware that the head haunters don’t give refunds if you flee in fear.


Follow the screams to find the Mysterious Mansion--just look for it off Gatlinburg’s Parkway, a short stroll from Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. Look for the wooden house with the quaint turret and little balcony. All the charm is on the outside, though, and the evil lies within!