Tennessee Shine Co

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Wrap your hand around one of Tennessee Shine Co.’s signature Mason jars and try some of the most unusual ‘shine around. This distiller of moonshine and whiskey features cream moonshines based on Moon Pie flavors! Try cream moonshines in chocolate, key lime, banana, orange and more (get matching Moon Pies to munch!).

You’ll find a host of other flavors like root beer, butterscotch, and peach, plus “Straight Off the Still” unflavored moonshine. This distillery makes wines and whiskeys, too, so you can bring home something for every taste.

Want to learn more about moonshine’s fabled, sometimes dangerous history? Take a quick trip to Tennessee Shine Co.’s Sevierville location for the Moonshine Tour, where you learn about this legend, from illegal stills in the woods to today’s modern businesses.