Beyond the Lens

Image for Thing To Do Detail

Pigeon Forge’s Beyond the Lens merges pop culture and technology to give you crazy selfies your friends won’t believe and wild rides you can’t find anywhere else. What can you expect at Beyond the Lens?

Take Amazing Selfies

Picture yourself in scenes like these:

  • Elvis lives–sing along with him.
  • Walk on the Moon with astronaut Neil Armstrong.
  • Pose on a stack of cash inside a bank vault.
  • Meet Bigfoot and show off your most terrified face.
  • Jump into a pit full of “alien eggs.”
  • Snap a split second in time with the 180-degree cameras of the Bullet Timer.
  • Get shots with everything from sharks to Barbies to aliens straight out of Area 51!

Your admission comes with a photo card you use to take pictures with automatic cameras for some larger scenes. At the end of your visit, you can buy photos if you like.

Ride Bumper Cars Upside Down

Imagine bumper cars that flip you upside down in a full 360-degree spin as you bump and slide into your friends’ cars. The Flip Zone boasts these unique bumper cars you just have to try.

Take a 4D Flight

Fly over America without leaving Pigeon Forge. FlyRide is an immersive experience combining special effects, incredible visuals, and a ride that simulates soaring over 22 landmarks.

As you ride, your seat turns, dips and dives. You’ll feel the wind in your hair and mist on your face as you glide over the Grand Canyon, shoot the rapids on a raging river, circle the Statue of Liberty, fly alongside the Navy’s Blue Angel jets, and more.

Enter the Human Kaleidoscope

Remember kaleidoscopes? You peered into little tubes and saw a changing patchwork of colors. At Beyond the Lens, walk through a 20-foot-long kaleidoscope big enough for your whole family to fit inside! Colors and lights pulse while you take psychedelic selfies.

Search for Bigfoot

Rumor says Bigfoot’s nearby–watch out in case he makes a surprise appearance. Have your camera ready to capture proof he exists!

Try Virtual Reality and More

Play virtual reality video games. Try the augmented reality scavenger hunt, taking you all over the place to find magical, virtual animals–find all 20 and you’ll win a prize. Dare to tackle the escape room challenge.

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