Crockett's Breakfast Camp

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You can’t miss Crockett’s--look for the wooden statue of frontiersman “Crockett” Maples in front of this rustic stone-built restaurant. Like real-life Crockett and his wife, the owners of Crockett’s Breakfast Camp serve travelers hearty breakfasts to fuel their Smoky Mountain adventures.

Choose your toppings for fluffy griddle cakes, or try pancakes with cinnamon roll glaze swirled into the batter. Come hungry if you want French toast--it’s cut extra thick. Pick meats, cheeses and eggs to build your own sandwich on a tender biscuit. All the egg dishes, omelets, meats and sides are here, plus luscious cinnamon rolls. With this breakfast bounty, Crockett’s is popular, but you can join the online waitlist so you’re sure to get a table.