Hollywood Wax Museum

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Watch out! King Kong looms overhead, clinging to the Empire State Building–in Pigeon Forge?

Welcome to the Hollywood Wax Museum, where movie legends, pop stars and famous figures turn Pigeon Forge into your personal superstar fantasy. First you have to escape Kong, who’s busted into the lobby, ready to scoop you up! Then use these six tips for the best visit.

See the Biggest Stars

From beloved legends like Dolly Parton and Robin Williams to newer stars including Taylor Swift and Jamie Foxx, you’ll find everyone’s favorites here. They’re dressed to impress, from red carpet fashions to iconic movie costumes. Beautiful people aren’t the only ones here, either. Check out full-sized horror and sci-fi creatures. Jason in his hockey mask? The creature from “Aliens”? Steel your spine to meet them, too!

Take All the Photos You Want

These celebrities don’t have bodyguards. They’re not even behind ropes! Walk right up to your favorite celebs to pose with them. You’re welcome to take picture after picture.

Play with Terrific Props

Wrap yourself in a feather boa and pop on a tiara–you’re red-carpet ready, thanks to fun props! You don’t just take photos with wax figures, you become part of the Hollywood scene. Grab a mic or guitar and sing along with Johnny Cash or Michael Jackson. Sit on Forrest Gump’s famous bench. Dress up with Marilyn Monroe.

Discover the Stars’ Secrets

You’ll get the scoop on celebrities’ lives. Who has side businesses? What charities do they support? What are their pet peeves? Play interactive games like the “Odd Couple” game where you uncover strange connections between stars.

It’s Open Every Day

Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, any day–the Hollywood Wax Museum is open 365 days a year. Fit a visit here into your Smoky Mountains vacation with ease. What a great outing after Thanksgiving dinner in your vacation cabin, or on a chilly New Year’s Day!

Enjoy Three More Attractions

The Hollywood Wax Museum is one of four sister attractions. The Castle of Chaos is a 5D adventure where you fly through new lands while blasting away with your laser gun. In Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, rescue the princess while navigating twists, turns and surprises. Outbreak: Dread the Undead is a year-round haunted house experience: Can you escape hungry zombies?