Pirates Voyage

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Legendary villain Blackbeard welcomes you to Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge, a swashbuckling adventure show with food, action and laughs to keep your crew of all ages entertained. Can’t believe a whole lagoon fits indoors? Don’t believe mermaids are real? You’ll change your mind once you discover Pirates Voyage.


Two lively pirate crews from full-sized ships battle for Davy Jones’ sunken treasure--and give you a thrilling show with fresh, new spectacles for 2021. The Crimson and Sapphire crews will demand your cheers as they compete for the prize in this 30,000-square-foot arena.

Swords clash, cannons boom, and pirates leap, flip, vault, and dive into the amazing indoor lagoon, Buccaneer Bay. Gasp as pirates spin flaming staffs and swords. Look up--you don’t want to miss the high-seas sailors as they fly on trapezes overhead!

Magical mermaids perch on high before executing graceful dives into the sparkling bay far below. The excitement spreads all around you from ship to shore to the water. Root for castaways as they cleverly outwit the legendary Blackbeard with some help from a savvy sea lion! And “Salty” isn’t the only animal adding to the fun: Watch for gorgeous tropical birds, because pirates love their feathered friends.


As the battle begins, you’ll dig into a four-course dinner hearty enough to keep your swashbuckling crew fueled for the fun ahead.

Dinner includes crispy fried chicken, sugar-cured ham, buttery corn on the cob, an herb-basted potato, and creamy, rich vegetable soup. Dessert is the luscious Walk the Plank peach turnover. Wet your whistle all night long with unlimited refills of Coke drinks, tea, or coffee.

Got some pirates in your party who need vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free options? The galley can dish up those tasty menus, too (just be sure to tell PIrate Voyage when you book your tickets).

Pirates Voyage is easy to find. Located on the Parkway in the heart of Pigeon Forge, this adventure is next to The Island shopping and entertainment complex, so you can’t miss it. The show goes on almost every day, so you’ll have a great choice of adventures. The arena is fully accessible, too, so everyone can relish the adventure.