Rainbow Falls

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The Smoky Mountains are home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. Visitors come from all over to hike, camp, and explore this stunning natural landscape. One of the most popular attractions in the Smokies is Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls is the highest single-drop waterfall in the Smokies. The name given to these waterfalls is a result of the rainbow that is produced by the mist that becomes visible on sunny afternoons. The falls are located just a short hike from one of the main roads in the park, making them easily accessible for visitors.

The Hike to Rainbow Falls

The hike to Rainbow Falls is a moderate 5.4-miles round trip. The trailhead is located just off of Cherokee Orchard Loop. The first part of the hike is relatively easy, with only a few small inclines. However, the last half or so is quite steep. This portion of the trail takes hikers through a dense forest and can be slippery when wet, so use caution.

Once you reach Rainbow Falls, you will be rewarded with stunning views of this natural wonder. Be sure to take plenty of pictures! After enjoying the falls, you can head back down the trail the way you came.

If you are visiting the Smoky Mountains, be sure to add Rainbow Falls to your list of must-see attractions! This beautiful waterfall is easily accessible and definitely worth the hike.