Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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Ripley’s is a household name and a favorite of middle school children the world over. You’ve probably run into at least one Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book in your lifetime, but have you ever seen an actual Ripley’s museum?

Gatlinburg is home to its very own Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum and “odditorium”. Tennessee has its fair share of natural mysteries and cryptozoological rumors, so Ripley’s museum is right at home here in the Smokies!


Ripley’s sells itself on curating the most bizarre and unique attractions from around the world. From unusual people to insane crafts and even unknown mysteries, if it’s a head-scratcher, it belongs in the Ripley’s museum. You may think you’ve seen everything Ripley’s has to offer if you’ve thumbed through their published books, but you’d better believe they save the best stuff for the real museum exhibits.

So what catches your fancy? The 19th-century vampire-slaying kit? The shrunken heads? Or the full-size dragon made entirely out of scrap metal? You won’t go home without at least one attraction permanently burned into your memory.


The Ripley’s museum is large (and it has to be, to fit in so many huge exhibits!). It covers three full floors. There are over 500 attractions spread out amongst 16 different themed galleries. Be careful that you don’t get lost in here, you might not find your way back out!

The “odditorium” is rife with interesting and crazy stuff to see. Ripley’s is great for fans of all ages, but the kids will especially get a kick out of seeing some of the weirder exhibits. Got a group tagging along? Ripley’s makes a great outing for birthday parties or other family get-togethers, so be sure to check out their group pricing and info.


Ripley’s is more than just a carnival attraction, you can easily spend the whole weekend here! Ripley’s has plenty of extra attractions scattered throughout Gatlinburg. There’s miniature golf, an arcade, a mirror maze, and much more. Choose from a thrilling “5D” movie or a chilling haunted house tour. There’s something going on every day of the week!