Rowdy Bear Mountain

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Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park is home to 2 of Gatlinburg’s most exciting rides! Soar through the treetops of East TN on the world’s first mountain glider or join a friend or family member on our alpine mountain coaster that reaches up to 35mph!


The Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster is a gravity-propelled Alpine Coaster that reaches speeds up to 35 mph while it winds through the woods of Rowdy Bear Mountain. You control your speed! Riders may ride single or double. This ride is easy to operate, you simply push your handles forward to go and pull back to slow down. This ride operates in the rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine. Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster has the latest intelligent distance control system on their carts. This safety feature does NOT allow carts to come in contact with one another. This feature offers a fun, safe, and enjoyable family experience.


Rowdy Bear Mountain is home to the world's first Mountain Glider. This single-railed, in-air coaster allows you to soar through the treetops of Rowdy Bear Mountain while combining free falling and hang gliding into one fun safe experience. Your adventure takes place from the 3rd floor of Rowdy Bear Mountain.