Savannah Bee Company

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Part of Gatlinburg’s charm is in it’s unique selection of stores and attractions. Gatlinburg isn’t home to cookie cutter shopping malls and chain stores. This quiet town nestled in the Smokies offers you a shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else. People come from miles around to visit Gatlinburg’s Village Shops, their Southern-style eateries and of course, The Savannah Bee Company.

Curious about The Savannah Bee Company? Look no further, here’s everything you need to know about this one of a kind company.

Their honey was thirty-five years in the making

The Savannah Bee Company’s signature product, their Tupelo Honey, is the result of over three decades of research and recipe tinkering. If you’ve always thought all honey was functionally the same, then you need to give Tupelo a try, because the taste, texture and overall experience are truly something else.

Not a honey addict? Then be careful, because the Savannah Bee Company might just convert you.

They’re here to teach you all about honeybee products

Bees provide us with more than just honey, and the staff at The Savannah Bee Company are both knowledgeable and helpful. Your visit here isn’t just a chance to buy some honey, it’s an opportunity to learn about all of The Savannah Bee Company’s products and beekeeping in general. How many other stores offer spectacular bee garden tours?

You can stock up on beauty products

Honey is good for more than just flavoring your tea. At The Savannah Bee Company, they offer a wide variety of high-end self-care products made from the honey produced by their bees. You’ll find everything from beeswax bars to hand soap!

The Bee Cause Project

At The Savannah Bee Company, honeybees are obviously their passion. In 2013, they founded the non-profit, The Bee Cause Project, which installs observation honeybee hives in schools to offer children the chance to fall in love with these marvelous and important creatures. Honeybees are in danger right now, and it’s vital that we do our best to make sure these important insects are still around for future generations.

So whether you live in the area or you’re just visiting Gatlinburg for a nice relaxing stay, be sure to check out The Savannah Bee Company and see for yourself what all the buzz is about!