Sevier Air

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With 38,000 square feet of trampoline fun, Sevier Air offers open jumping time plus the excitement of its Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

The ninja course challenges you with climbing walls, ropes, cargo nets to climb, tunnels, angled platforms trying to throw you off balance, and much more. Dive into the foam pit, or use the soft foam beams to knock your friends into the pit! Try sinking basketball shots while bouncing on a trampoline. Play trampoline dodgeball, leaping to escape your opponents’ aim while making your own tough shots.

Keep your energy up with pizza, ice cream and more munchies. If you’re accompanying a young jumper, relax in one of the plushly padded massage chairs. Let the chair automatically massage you while you watch the kids work off lunch!

One hour costs $20.00 for ages seven and up, and $12.00 for kids six and under. Books two hours for $29.00. Kids six and under get two hours for $18.00.

When you’re done, you’ll deserve a rest. Get it at your comfortable rental cabin. Book your Smoky Mountains vacation cabin today.