The Listening Room Cafe

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Pigeon Forge’s newest spot for live music opens its doors this summer. The Listening Room Cafe hosts great local musicians on its stage and bring delicious food to your table, all in an atmosphere where everything is about the songs.

A Local Music Tradition

This venue plans to give Pigeon Forge locals and visitors the same “true listening atmosphere” for which the Nashville Listening Room is so respected. Founder and musician Chris Blair established the original Listening Room in 2006 because he couldn’t find a performance venue with the atmosphere and sound he felt local musicians needed. Blair’s blend of live music and great food is still going strong today. Adding the new location in Pigeon Forge spreads the listening experience all the way to the Smoky Mountains.

The Ideal Setting

Expect one to two rounds of live music each night on the Pigeon Forge stage. You’ll hear the excellent sound over the high-quality Bose speaker system, and you’ll have a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. At 10,000 square feet, the Listening Room will be small enough to feel cozy. And if you don’t like venues where patrons talk over the music, don’t worry. The Listening Room lives up to its name and asks audiences to give musicians their full attention!

Dishes and Drinks

Live music is the focus at the Listening Room, but food and drink aren’t just afterthoughts. Like its Nashville location, the Pigeon Forge venue will offer fresh, locally sourced dishes to keep your taste buds busy while you listen.

Look for food with a Southern twist. The Nashville menu features tender, fluffy biscuits on the brunch and lunch menu, plus unique tastes like the “brunch sundae” of freshly cooked fries with gravy, cheese, and bacon. Dinner could offer even more smoky, rich flavors, like pulled pork BBQ, chicken, luscious smoked wings, burgers, and a signature turkey and apple sandwich you won’t find anywhere else. The extensive drinks menu gives a wide choice of spirits, wines, beers, and cocktails.

An Exciting New Location

You’ll find the new Listening Room at the Mountain Mile, a new entertainment, shopping, and eating complex in the heart of Pigeon Forge. This fresh destination near The Island and the convention center is just minutes from Dollywood, too.

Watch for the Pigeon Forge location’s opening this summer, then plan your Pigeon Forge vacation and stay in a  rental cabin you can book here.