The Sinks

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The Sinks in the Great Smoky Mountains is one of the few waterfalls in the national park that you can drive to and enjoy, without hiking.

The 15-foot waterfall is named after the large whirlpool created by the rushing river at its base that resembles water draining from a sink.

Located a short drive from Gatlinburg (11 or so miles) on Little River Road, The Sinks offers a parking area right along the falls. Parking spaces are limited, and we recommend arriving early or during non-peak times so that you can find a spot.

Additionally, there is an overlooking and walking path located at The Sinks, so that you can experience the beauty of the waterfall.

When visiting, you may see people jumping off a nearby rock or swimming in the river around the falls. Please note that this is extremely dangerous and there have been serious injuries and deaths from doing so over the years.


From Sugarlands Visitor Center, follow Little River Road. The parking area for The Sinks is approximately 12 miles from the visitor center.