Gatlinburg Distilleries

Image for Things To Do Ole Smoky

Ole Smoky

Ole Smoky Moonshine was the first legal distillery here. Ole Smoky boasts the most visited distillery in America. Take a guided tour of the original distillery, The Holler. See old-school stills like “moonshiners” used to run, and le...

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Image for Things To Do Sugarlands Distilling

Sugarlands Distilling

Working with “Moonshiner Legends”--real-life backwoods moonshiners featured on the Discovery Channel--Sugarlands Distilling Co. brings you tradition in every jar.  Try a sampling session with an expert. Tour the still house. Try c...

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Image for Things To Do Tennessee Shine Co

Tennessee Shine Co

Wrap your hand around one of Tennessee Shine Co.’s signature Mason jars and try some of the most unusual ‘shine around. This distiller of moonshine and whiskey features cream moonshines based on Moon Pie flavors! Try cream moonshines in c...

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