Baskins Creek Falls

Baskins Creek Falls.jpg

About Baskins Creek Falls

The Baskin Creek Falls trail begins with a short easy climb. At roughly a quarter of a mile into the hike, the trail levels off and you'll have some decentviews of the mountains to the west of you as well as a few glimpses of Gatlinburg, if you're hiking in the winter or early spring. These views, however, will more than likely be obstructed by summer foliage.

Directions to the Trailhead

Starting from Light 8 in Gatlinburg, turn onto Historic Nature Trail / Airport Road. At 0.7 miles, veer right onto Cherokee Orchard Road. After driving another 2.2 miles, you will enter the one-way Cherokee Orchard Loop. Drive 0.9 miles on the loop before turning right onto the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. The trailhead for Baskin Creek Falls Trail will be on the left after driving about 0.2 miles on this one-way loop.