Foothills Parkway

About the Foothills Parkway

Originally authorized for construction by Congress in 1944, the remaining sections of the Foothills Parkway have been slow to develop, mainly due to construction costs and the mountain terrain. 

The missing 16-mile segment of the Foothills Parkway travels between Wears Valley (just outside of Pigeon Forge) to Walland in Blount County, at which point travelers can continue on the 17 mile stretch between Chilhowee Lake and Walland, which was completed in 1968. 

The “missing link” of the Foothills Parkway offers magnificent views of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the valleys below. While traveling the new section of the Foothills Parkway, visitors will cross 10 bridges, each numbered east to west. 

The total cost of the missing link of the Foothills Parkway topped $178 million, and will certainly provide guests with a unique and beautiful way to experience the Smoky Mountains for generations to come.