The Apple Barn

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About The Apple Barn

The Apple Barn really is a barn, it was built back in 1910 and was part of the farm that the Hicks and Kilpatrick families bought in 1972. They planted their first trees in 1976 and continue to plant more every year. Their orchard now numbers over 4,000 trees. They began renovating the old cattle barn in 1980, scrubbing it clean as a whistle, one board at a time. Structurally, they left it pretty much as it was, merely putting a clear sealer on the black walnut and wormy chestnut wood, and retaining the stables and feeding rack. The sturdy old barn began a new era as The Apple Barn in 1981.

Soon, they added a Cider Room where you can actually watch the variety of juicy sweet and tart apples being pressed into delicious cider in the fall. Folks say their cider is the best they've ever tasted! Requests for a glass on the spot led to opening the inviting Cider Bar, where folks can sample our sippin' cider hot or cold, while admiring the beautiful cherry and onyx back bar. Well, with all those apples they just naturally had to include the Apple Pie Kitchen, where they bake delicious treats like fried apple pies, apple doughnuts, and apple dumplins for eating there or taking home.

Over the past 20 years, with the support of an apple loving public, they have grown "like Topsy". With a lot of planning and thought, they have been able to present their unique applewood smoked hams and bacon; introduce their own very special apple butter from an old time mountain recipe; add the Candy Factory which produces original sweets, including old-timey favorites, handmade on century-old equipment; and develop recipes for making their own ice cream for "The Creamery" ice cream parlor, starring apple specialties.

The Apple Barn's expansion included the renowned original Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. It soon became apparent that if they wanted to serve everyone who wanted to dine with them, another restaurant was necessary. The Applewood Farmhouse Grill opened in 1995, along with the Apple Barn Winery, specializing in delightful apple and fruit wines.

Return to the Apple Barn, where it all started, and browse among the most enticing and unique array of gift items in the area, many of them themed to the mighty apple! The barn's General Store features a wide variety of handmade mountain crafts, food items, fit to grace a gourmet's table, home decorations and collectables. And of course, apples and cider, from which it all began.


230 Apple Valley Rd Sevierville, TN